In descending order

Version 0.2.8
NEW: toggle for desktop view of websites
NEW: Android 10 compatible
NEW: Update text strings for all languages
NEW: Update UserAgent string to 0.2.8

Version 0.2.7:
NEW: App color theme
NEW: Support for 64bit devices
NEW: Support for Android 9 (Pie)
NEW: Update text strings for all languages
NEW: Update UserAgent string to 0.2.7
FIX: minor code adjustments

Version 0.2.6:
NEW: Favicon support, finally. ^^
NEW: Got my own YAABy UA string
NEW: Compatible with all the Chromebooks out there
NEW: Compatible up to Android 7.x.x (Nougat)
NEW: Screen shot updates
FIX: Minor bug & code fixes

Version 0.2.5:
NEW: URL address field remembers where you are/were
NEW: URL field deleteable via “X” button
NEW: “Open with…”-dialog: YAABy directly chooseable (beta)
NEW: Compatible up to Android 6.x.x (Marshmellow)
NEW: Screen shot updates
FIX: Facebook eliminated

Version 0.2.0:
NEW: Real fullscreen mode with no address bar
NEW: Menu item: “What’s new?”
NEW: Multi-lingual “About” popup
NEW: Welcome screen when app starts
NEW: Screen shot Lollipop update
Fix: Cursor visible in URL field
Fix: Updates text strings of all foreign languages

Version 0.1.76:
NEW: compatible up to Android 5.x.x
FIX: startpage no longer Tumblr
COMING SOON – Favicon support, place holder already installed

Version 0.1.7:
FIX: scroll bar for Gingerbread users now invisible, too

Version 0.1.6:
NEW: Scroll bar comeback
NEW: Message of success when history was deleted successfully
NEW: Hindi and Chinese (Traditional) language support

Version 0.1.5:
NEW: Full screen now optional
NEW: Support for 8 languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified)
* complete update of screen shots

Version 0.1.1:
NEW: YAABy remembers where you stopped surfing. Keywords: Android multi tasking.

Version 0.1.0:
NEW: Progress bar instead of dialog. Feel the difference
NEW: New launcher icon
NEW: Address bar revised
NEW: New button for visiting websites
NEW: Request for permission for saving App to SD card
FIX: adapted About screen for Gingerbread
* code optimization / adjustments
* renewed all screen shots

Version 0.0.5 (initial version):
Feature overview
* uses the WebKit-Browser-Engine (as of Android 4.4 Chromium engine)
* JavaScript capable
* plays embedded YouTube videos
* Download feature (e.g.: just play videos on websites with your VLC app!)
* full screen without annoying bars, etc.
* got rid of oldschool scroll bars (e.g. on Gingerbread)
* resizes automatically to the screen of your device
* Auto-Rotation-capable
* integrated search: SSL-connection to anonymous Startpage search engine
* Refresh capacity
* Back button (for history of your session)
* Forward button (see above)
* one can also delete the browser history
* Caching capacity
* Facebook-Like-capacity
* integrated Flattr to make donations easy
* Action bar menu in German and English
* Zoom capable (hides itself automatically)
* Keyboard
* storeable on your SD-card
* fancy Launcher icon ?